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OPRO Wholesale Distribution

Getting a complete view into supply chain

OPRO ERP system for distribution companies ensures that the users can consistently have a clear picture of the inventory flow into and out of the company.

Empowered with the ability to clearly see both inbound and outbound product flows, trading and distribution companies can easily make accurate demand forecasts and decisions. With an automated ERP-based distribution software, distributors can benefit by getting a complete view into their supply chain and benefit from better insights.

  • Inventory Management
  • Multi Stores
  • Procurement Management
  • CRM
  • Financial management
  • Multi Department
  • Sales and Services
  • Human Resource Management

Why OPRO for a trading and distribution business?

OPRO ERP DISTRIBUTION solution benefits the business through automated scheduling and workflow capabilities.The distribution management software automates purchasing decisions and purchase order approvals. It also allows users to automate the scheduling of a variety of tasks. Users can benefit greatly and help the businesses grow without any hassle.

Smooth inventory management

help streamline their inventory management processes to eliminate the scope for human errors. Additionally, an ERP for distribution processes eliminates time lost in manual inventory management. Automated inventory management allows users to track and manage data across multiple geographies, all while giving real-time visibility into current inventory in transit and stock.

Precise demand planning

Another benefit of having an ERP for distribution processes is the demand planning capabilities that it can bring to the business. ERP software users can utilize the power of predictive analytics based on past trends and get a clear picture of the stock needed to run a business effectively and efficiently.

Accurate reporting

An ERP-based inventory management software offers accurate reporting by providing end to end visibility needed for decision making. Furthermore, it can help compile data into timely reports for both internal and external purpose. This helps the organization respond more quickly to complex data reporting requests and makes compliance with industry reporting standards easy.

Cloud ERP Solution for Distribution Service Management

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